We bring the competitive advantage of augmented reality to businesses easily, fast and affordably

✔️ Bring marketing to point of purchase

✔️ Encourage buy with inspiring videos

✔️ Trigger emotional impromptu buying

✔️ Turn your product and display into sales agent

✔️ Grab shoppers attention with in-app notifications

✔️ Marry digital content to the real world

✔️ Builds brand loyalty, word of mouth, social exposure

✔️ Dynamic campaign updates online for fresh engagement

✔️ Direct connection with customers to establish relationship

✔️ Track marketing effectiveness by products, day, locations

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About Us

Goshsha started from a genuine need for augmented reality as a promotional and instructional tool for a small retail business, but unable to find affordable and sustainable solutions, Goshsha was created to provide such tool to level the playing field for small businesses and individuals.

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430 S Anaheim Hills Road,

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Anaheim, CA 92807, USA