Your product cannot jump out and sell itself.

Or can it?

The goto platform for beauty & cosmetics

Be where shoppers reach for

Turn products into virtual kiosks

Easy setup for brands & retailers

🟣 no QRCode

🟣 no shelf talkers to distribute

🟣 costs effective

🟣 responsibly sustainable

🟣 proactive reach out to shoppers

🟣 in-store engagement infomation

Brands Available On Goshsha Platform

Everyday consumers and retailers are adding more brands and products to collectively make beauty simply beautiful

Try Virtual Fashion Watch Or Spectacles

Virtual try-ons can lead to a

increase in purchase likelihood.


Source: Techcrunch, Sarah Perez, January26, 2022

Interacting with products with AR experiences leads to a

higher conversion rate as individuals feel connected with brands



of people say they are interested in using AR for help when shopping

makeup products


of consumers will no longer use store makeup testers

Source: Global Cosmetics Industry Magazine

Bring marketing to point of purchase

Bullet Points Icon Design

Trigger emotional impromptu buying

Grab attention with in-app notifications

Turn product & display into sales agent

Build brand loyalty, word of mouth, social exposure

Bullet Points Icon Design

Direct connection with customers to establish relationship

Track marketing effectiveness by products, day, locations

Marry digital content to the real world

About Us

Goshsha started from a genuine need for augmented reality as a promotional and instructional tool for a small retail business, but unable to find affordable and sustainable solutions, Goshsha was created to provide such tool to level the playing field for small businesses and individuals.

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